All About Modular Office Systems

Your work should be where you are; United Partition exclusively designs modular office systems so you can meet your work where it is. We’re answering your questions on modular office systems to provide cost-effective solutions to your office space needs.

What is a Modular Office?

Widely used in industrial warehouses and manufacturing operations, modular offices are customizable applications that are a cost-effective way to provide office space. Modular office systems are prefabricated and include the amenities necessary to operate an office, such as electrical wiring, HVAC, and fire protection systems.

Cost of Modular Offices and Office Systems

Investing in a modular office can cost as little as $25 per square foot for materials, with most turn-key projects saving upwards of 15-20% compared to standard framing and drywall construction. Design factors that impact prices include:

  • Mezzanine Design
  • Additional Window and Door Applications
  • Load-Bearing Ceiling
  • 2-Story Design

Other customizations on modular office systems are HVAC, electrical wiring, fire sprinklers, and soundproofing upgrades.  Get a modular office system quote to learn more about the cost for your project today.

What is a Partition Wall?

Full-height or partial-height modular partition walls provide an efficient way to divide existing spaces. Custom-height office partitions utilize a room’s existing ceiling system to create an enclosed space for offices, breakrooms, or conference rooms. Add a partition wall to a factory floor to separate departments, organize workflow, and provide privacy and security to existing areas. Design possibilities start at standard 8’ high walls and go up to existing roof heights for full separation. Our partition walls can include standard doors, windows, roll-up doors, and electrical.

What are the Benefits of Modular Offices?

There are many advantages to choosing a modular office system instead of a traditional construction solution. Standard building construction depreciates at a 39-year rate, while prefabricated modular options depreciate in just 7 years, accelerating the return on your investment. In addition to tax benefits, selecting a modular office provides beneficial advantages:

  • Customizable and Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • UL Classified Raceways for Simple Electrical Connection
  • Portable, Relocatable, and Reusable
  • 2-Story and Mezzanine Styles Available
  • Self-Contained Construction

How to Build a Modular Office in a Warehouse

Building modular office systems is fast and straightforward, efficiently providing a safe working environment. United Partition modular offices come pre-cut and numbered with an associated CAD drawing assembly guide for easy installation. Modular office systems eliminate the frustrations of traditional construction, making factory disruption and day-to-day interference a thing of the past.

Why Choose United Partition Systems?

In our 40th year, United Partition Systems has been a leading manufacturer of cost-effective modular building structures providing solutions all across North America. Our dedicated team has the industry knowledge and experience to develop a custom solution for your modular office, breakroom, or warehouse enclosure. If you are looking to avoid traditional building construction and renovation, modular office systems may be the solution for your factory or warehouse.

We offer complete design, fabrication, installation, and engineering for all prefabricated projects. Learn more about our company history and the unparalleled turnkey solutions United Partition provides.

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