Modular Building Benefits

United Partition Systems offers numerous beneficial advantages regarding your modular office needs. We can provide you with several benefits that will make your choice for a modular enclosure an easy one. The following advantages are what separate us from the competition.

Design & Engineering

With United Partition Systems an architect is not needed. We provide advanced quality design assistance to fulfill your requirement and an AutoCAD layout drawing needs for the scope of your entire project. Additional CAD drawing details and engineering is also available for structural analysis review.

Quick & Easy Installation

United Partition provides Modular Wall Systems that are pre-cut and numbered. Along with an AutoCAD drawing, our system typically gets constructed in less than half the time of standard construction methods.

United Partition’s U.L. Classified Raceway

United Partition has obtained a U.L. Classification on our raceway post, allowing for factory prewired electrical switches and outlets complying with current National Electric Code requirements.  This raceway provides flush mount electrical in the wall system, while also allowing easy access to add additional electrical and / or phone/data in the future.  The factory prewire of the posts also provides a much quicker installation on site versus competing systems that require an electrician to wire everything completely on site.

Self-Contained Construction

Unlike standard construction requiring support from existing roof and/or walls, United Partition’s modular designs can operate independently.  In addition, our corrugated steel roof decks provide support to the walls and allows for the ceiling and light installations to be made without the use of ugly wiring that runs from the structure to the roof.

Roof Storage or 2nd Story Modular Office Options

With United Partition’s 4” modular wall system you can add additional usable storage space or add a 2nd floor.  A Two Story Office system is ideal for management office space above that provides a clear view of the facility floor. Other 2nd level applications include: modular training rooms, breakroom / lunchroom, lab space, or controlled storage.

Portable & Reusable

Since our modular systems are packaged and shipped on pallets, new additions can be made in your facility at any time.  Once constructed, revisions can be made easily by removing walls and reinstalling them in the same or revised layout when finished. Our modular systems are also completely relocatable. They can be taken apart and reconstructed within a new building or shipped out and installed at a totally different location. Since most companies either lease or rent their facilities this has proven to be a very beneficial quality.

Tax Benefits

United Partition’s modular officesmachine enclosures, cleanroomstwo story offices, and in-plant buildings are all classified as equipment.  This allows the owner to enjoy an accelerated depreciation on their investment, which is only 7 ½ years versus the typical 30-year timeframe. Contact your CPA for further details on how this can benefit your specific situation.

Ready to Get Your Project Started?

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