Two Story Modular Office

Modular Office Buildings

Unlike standard drywall construction, a fully customizable interior modular office building maintains a consistent level of quality that you can only get from a proven manufacturing process. Modular offices are ideally suited for storage warehouses, productions areas, manufacturing plants, and anywhere that needs the flexibility and simple setup of a modular office.

At United Partition Systems, our interior modular office spaces are customized to your specific factory, warehouse, or commercial facility. Offering quick onsite installation, our prefab interior modular offices provide improved productivity with sound deadening walls and comfort heating & cooling systems. Our modular offices are available in varying heights with multiple options for doors and windows making the system perfect for a wide range of applications.

Contact us for more information regarding our custom modular prefab in warehouse office structures, or call us at 800-959-0878 and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have. United Partition Systems is also your trusted supplier for premium grade two story in plant office solutions. See how building “up” can gain you added usable space without losing your current valuable floor space.

Prefabricated In-Plant Modular Office

Interior Modular Office Space Advantages

Ideal for any facility that could benefit from a new, enclosed workspace for personnel, prefab in warehouse offices are prefabricated structures that can be quickly and easily installed inside an existing building. A more flexible and less expensive alternative to traditional construction, a modular office creates a climate and sound-controlled environment for workers and equipment. Additional modular interior office benefits include:

  • Minimized number of trades
  • Flexibility for future modification
  • Reduced construction debris
  • Tax advantages
  • Easy to expand and/or relocate
  • Rustproof, anodized aluminum framing
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Quick and easy installation process (factory crew installation is available)

Read more about the benefits of Modular Interior Offices here.

Prefab Office Buildings Customized to Meet Your Needs

All our modular offices and warehouse partitions are individually manufactured to customer requirements. Whether you’re looking for supervisors’ offices, administrative offices, or inplant conference rooms, our modular offices provide a fast and effective solution for many applications.

Modular offices work perfect in storage warehouses, productions areas, manufacturing plants, and anywhere that needs the flexibility and simple setup of a modular office.

We provide customizable options for:

Most modular office systems are designed and manufactured within weeks, giving you everything you need to provide a new office space for warehouse facilitators and management teams right away.

Modular Offices are Easy to Install, Expand & Upgrade

At United Partition Systems, we engineer our prefab in warehouse office structures for easy installation in any facility, with minimal interruption of day-to-day operations. Though many of our clients choose to install their modular offices themselves, we also have factory installation crews available. Either way, installing a United Partition modular two-story office is faster and less expensive than standard construction.

Additionally, our modular interior offices can be modified, reconfigured, expanded, or relocated, allowing for versatility that traditional construction cannot provide.

Superior Wall Thickness & Factory Pre-Wired UL-Classified Raceways

Every one of our affordable modular interior office systems include a range of standard features that no other manufacturer can provide. All our modular office solutions feature nominal 4” thick walls that provide superior sound and temperature control, and meet or exceed the nation’s toughest seismic and structural requirements.

Our factory pre-wired UL Classified raceways provide a flush interior surface for electrical outlets and phone/data wiring. With our unique UL Classified Composite Panel System, you get the highest quality modular office system for a wide range of applications.

Interior Modular Office Installations by Our Professional Installers 

With decades of experience, our modular office installation crews are extremely knowledgeable and will have your interior modular building up and running in just days, compared to standard drywall construction that can take weeks or months to build a similar design. Additionally, our interior modular offices can also be modified, reconfigured, expanded, or even relocated, providing the versatility to evolve with the needs of your business.

Ongoing Modular Office Service & Support

With every interior modular building from United Partition Systems, you will receive comprehensive service and support to ensure that your modular office meets your requirements and expectations. In addition to custom prefab in warehouse offices, our design and construction specialists can provide a variety of modular offices and modular structure options including:

Contact United Partition Systems for Interior Modular Offices

With over 40 years of modular office design and installation experience, United Partition Systems knows how to design the perfect inplant modular office for any application. A modular office from United Partition means high quality design and sturdy construction from a proven industry leader. 

Contact us for more information regarding our custom prefab in warehouse modular office solutions, or request a quote for further pricing details today. United Partition Systems is your trusted manufacturer of premium, advanced modular interior office structures all across the USA. Call us today at 800-959-0878 to learn more!

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