Modular Offices

A modular office is comprised of prefabricated components—walls, ceiling panels, doors, windows, etc.—that are constructed offsite, then assembled at the user’s facility to create the new office structure. They may be completely freestanding or incorporate walls or other parts of the facility’s existing architecture.

United Partition Systems provides modular office systems that are customizable for your factory, warehouse, or other commercial facility. Offering quick on site installation, our prefab modular offices can provide improved productivity with sound deadening walls and comfort heating & cooling.  Our modular offices are available in varying heights with multiple options for doors and windows making the system perfect for a variety of applications.

Prefabricated In-Plant Modular Office

Customizable Modular Office Systems

A modular office system from United Partition System means high quality design and construction from the leader in modular office solutions. We set industry standards with our high-quality UL Classified 4” wall construction, which is engineered to meet even the toughest IBC standards. From the most stringent seismic requirements to temperature control and sound deadening, one system can provide it all.

Unlike standard drywall construction, a fully customizable modular partition system maintains a consistent level of quality that you can only get from a proven manufacturing process. Our process has gotten better and better through decades of continuous improvement, and strict guidelines and inspections throughout the process help ensure that we meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

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Custom Modular Offices for Your Application

All our modular offices and warehouse partitions are individually manufactured to customer requirements. Whether you’re looking for supervisors offices, administrative offices, or inplant conference rooms, our modular offices provide a fast and effective solution for many applications.

Modular office systems work perfect in storage warehouses, productions areas, manufacturing plants, and anywhere that needs the flexibility and simple setup of a modular office.

We provide customizable options for:

Most modular office systems are designed and manufactured within weeks, giving you everything you need to provide a new office space for warehouse facilitators and management teams right away.

Benefits of Using a Modular Office Systems

Thanks to their modular design, installation can be completed far faster than standard construction, with minimal disruption to daily operations. In most cases, these offices can be disassembled, relocated, or expanded, as needed.

Ideal for any facility that could benefit from a new, enclosed workspace for personnel, modular offices are prefabricated structures that can be quickly and easily installed inside an existing building. A more flexible and less expensive alternative to traditional construction, a modular office creates climate- and sound-controlled environment for workers and equipment.

Save on Time & Construction Costs with Prefab Modular Offices

Installing one of United Partition’s modular offices in your facility takes a fraction of the time that traditional drywall construction does. This not only means quicker completion times, but also less disruption of your day-to-day operations.

Our prefabricated modular offices systems do not require the cutting of drywall or lumber, providing a clean installation that does not contaminate your existing working environment. The modular offices provides simple, easy set up, that is perfect in applications from warehouse offices to shipping and receiving departments.

In addition, a United modular partition system is fully relocatable, allowing you to easily modify, expand, or move your office system to another location at a later date. This is a benefit not only for facility revisions, but also for company relocation purposes, as it is common for warehouse landlords to require that the facility be left in the same condition in which it was leased.

In these instances, building an office with standard drywall construction essentially means throwing your money away; with United’s modular office systems, you’re making an investment that can move along with your company. This flexibility makes it an ideal solution for many office needs.

Additional Benefits of Modular Office Systems

  • Minimized number of trades
  • Flexibility for future modification
  • Reduced construction debris
  • Tax advantages

Prefab Modular Office System Options

Because these office systems are modular, they are flexible in design, allowing you to customize your prefab offices to meet your unique application needs. United Partition offers a variety of modular office system options, creating the perfect solution for your specific needs.


Our 4” modular wall panels are comprised of solid EPS foam cores, which provide not only superior sound and thermal insulation but also a denser and more durable finished wall than standard hollow wall construction.

Paint and patch with regular maintenance is not needed either, as our modular offices come standard with a vinyl-clad finish, with various color options that hide fingerprints and can be cleaned with everyday cleaning products.


We offer different colors for the interior and exterior walls, at no extra charge.

Aluminum Framing

Providing further added durability, our modular walls are buttressed with a T-6 anodized aluminum framing system. Anodized aluminum is not only decorative, but also durable and corrosion-resistant. Unlike painted products, the anodized coating will not peel or chip, and our modular warehouse partition systems won’t rust in damp or humid conditions like steel products do.


The modular walls come fully integrated with factory framed doorways and windows positioned in your desired location(s). Solid core wood doors come standard, with options for steel, custom painted colors, or larger framed openings for double door access.


Standard fixed windows are factory framed in matching anodized aluminum, with tempered safety glass. Options are available for dual pane glass, laminated glass, or sliding windows.

Lighting, HVAC & More

To complete your modular office, we also offer numerous lighting and flooring options, HVAC systems, sprinkler connections, countertops, and cabinets.

Electrical Wiring

For convenient electrical wiring of your warehouse partition, United has obtained a UL classification for its raceway connecting post, which allows electrical and phone/data wiring to be installed at your desired locations in each wall.

Our UL raceways are vertical channels, allowing for standard height duplex outlets and light switches, as well as counter-height electrical service and ceiling height applications where video screens or monitors are required. Wiring for switches and outlets are factory prewired in the post with UL labeling.

This ensures quality and provides assurance that National Electrical Code specifications are met. Our factory prewired raceway posts also save you hours in onsite installation time for your modular office system, reducing labor costs and letting you put your new office to use sooner.

Contact Us for Complete Modular Office Systems

United Partition Systems not only provides the design and manufacturing of your custom modular partition system, but also offers installation services by our factory crew. If you already have completed design drawings and specifications, simply forward them to our team for a free, no-obligation price quote. Or, take advantage of United Partitions’ design and engineering capabilities and let us provide the complete, custom modular office system for your company needs.

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