Modular CNC Machine Enclosure

Custom CNC Enclosures

Prefabricated CNC Cleanrooms provide an enclosed area that protects CNC machines from harmful debris and contamination, while delivering advanced protection for CNC machines. Modular CNC machine enclosures provide decreased production rejection rates, lowering overall costs.

At United Partition, we manufacture prefabricated CNC machine enclosures based on your exact machine and project specifications. If your CNC machine is already installed, we can build a CNC cleanroom around your machine with minimal disruption to your workflow. Prefab CNC machine enclosures also allow for WIP (work in progress) materials inside the enclosure to be stored securely without fear of contamination.

Contact us for more information regarding our prefabricated CNC enclosure options or call us at 800-959-0878 and we will gladly discuss your project’s specification requirements. United Partition is your trusted source for premium grade, high-efficiency Modular CNC Machine Enclosures.

CNC Enclosure Advantages

Custom CNC machine enclosures protect your CNC machines from debris and other external factors, reducing rejection rates and improving production. In addition to providing this protection for your CNC machines, CNC enclosures also offer many other benefits. 

Our CNC Machine Enclosures Can Be Fully Customized

Modular CNC machine enclosures are fully customizable, making them perfect for all your applications. At United Partition, we can customize your CNC enclosure to fit around your machinery and materials, no matter the size.

Our CNC machine enclosures are made from anodized aluminum framing. The framing ensures that our modular clean rooms are stable, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Our long lasting controlled environments will protect your equipment for years to come.

Our standard EPS foam cores offer greater density and durability than industry standard hollow walls. Using foam cores inside our CNC enclosure walls also provides excellent sound and climate control.

Cost-Effective Designs for Your CNC Machine Application

Because our CNC enclosures are modular and custom, we produce the right cleanroom for your application every time. There is no additional painting or building necessary, saving you time and money. By protecting your equipment, CNC machine enclosures also help produce quality products, reducing downtime and saving you money.  Common CNC enclosure applications include:

  • CNC Electronics Enclosure
  • CNC Router Enclosure
  • Laser Engraver Enclosure
  • Laser Cutter Enclosure
  • Soundproof CNC Enclosures
  • And More!

CNC Machine Enclosures Designed to Your Exact Specifications

No matter your specific design specification requirements, United Partition has you covered. Our modular CNC enclosure experts will work with you to design a prefabricated enclosure that matches your exact production needs offer the flexibility and benefits to modular construction.

CNC Enclosure Insulated Wall Systems

Our 4” insulated wall system not only provides a thermal barrier for temperature control but also acts as a buffer for sound deadening from other production areas within the facility. The standard vinyl wall finish we provide is non-shedding and easy to clean while providing a Class “A” fire rating. CNC enclosures can be designed with removable wall sections to allow for large equipment access, roll up doors, conveyor penetrations and other additions to allow ease of product flow.

Custom Air Change Rates & “Dust Free” Environments

Certain production environments require custom air change rates that are free of dust and other particles. United Partition’s CMM enclosures, or CMM room, options provide reduced rejection rates through advanced control over airborne particles, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. Additional advantages include:

  • Sound dampening to quiet the noise from the machine
  • Fire protection to protect expensive equipment
  • Versatile and flexible with a modular design
  • Demonstrates quality assurance for customers
  • Customizable to meet your needs
  • Tall walls 20’ and higher are available

Prefabricated Enclosure Design Options

To further enhance the customization of your modular CNC enclosure we can provide several unique customization options tailored to your exact needs. Some of the custom options that we can provide include a variety of type and styles for the following:

Additionally, we can include a centralized HVAC system to ensure temperatures are maintained for the CNC machine and operator(s) inside. For applications that require higher ceilings we offer full-height partitions to accommodate large machines.

CNC Machine Enclosure UL Classified Raceways

Our UL Classified raceways can be provided every 4′ which not only provides a structural element to the system but also offers a service cavity for:

Electrical | Water | Phone/Data ports | Compressed Air | Integrated Centralized Vacuum Systems

CNC Enclosure Delivery and Installation

Your new CNC enclosure will be delivered directly to your facility and can be installed by our factory trained installation crew. We take pride in providing these enclosures, and we are familiar with the tight schedules and sometimes difficult job site conditions they are associated with. 

Contact United Partition for a CNC Enclosure Quote Today

Contact us for more information regarding our prefabricated CNC enclosure options, or call us at 800-959-0878 and we will gladly discuss your specific CNC cleanroom requirements. United Partition is your trusted manufacturer of premium CNC machine enclosures. You can also discover more about our CNC Enclosures at Cleanrooms By United.


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