Custom CNC Enclosures

CNC Machine Enclosures to Protect You Equipment

United Partition offers custom CNC enclosures that are designed and manufactured to match your exact specifications. CNC machining centers provide high precision performance, but are also highly sensitive to environmental conditions. A dedicated space for CNC manufacturing will help eliminate external factors that can negatively affect your equipment. No matter what you use your CNC system for or how much space it requires, we can provide the perfect custom solution for your needs.


Modular CNC Machine Enclosure

CNC Machine Enclosure Features & Options

United Partition’s modular CNC enclosures are designed and built to your dimensional specifications. They’re built using quality materials and proven manufacturing processes, and include a number of customizable features. They can be installed quickly and easily around your existing equipment for minimal disruption of your everyday operations.

We use anodized aluminum framing for stability, durability, and corrosion resistance. Our walls feature our standard EPS foam cores, which offer greater density and durability vs the hollow walls many of our competitors use. Foam core walls also provide excellent sound and climate control. Factory-framed, fully-installed doors, windows, or other access points can be positioned anywhere you need them.

Customizable CNC Enclosure Options

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