Custom In-Plant Modular Office

Modular In Plant Offices

A modular office is a prefabricated room (or rooms) that is installed in an existing building to provide new office space for personnel and equipment. United Partition Systems manufactures interior modular offices that are built to compliment your facility’s current square footage. We can furnish your warehouse or factory space with a custom inplant modular office structure that provides increased space for a wide range of office applications.

At United Partition Systems, we create inplant modular offices and enclosures that are custom built to your exact standards and specifications. Whether it is our standard extra-thick 4” wall systems for superior sound and temperature control or pre-wired UL Classified raceways, United Partition Systems’ modular in plant offices deliver premium results that will exceed your expectations.

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Interior Modular Office Features & Benefits

In plant modular offices are designed to be installed in manufacturing facilities or other industrial spaces, and to create a safe, climate- and sound-controlled workspace. They may be freestanding or designed to incorporate one or more of a building’s preexisting walls.

Our fully customizable modular office solutions are easy to install, requiring significantly less time and cost than standard construction. Specific features and benefits of our interior modular office enclosures include:

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Inplant Modular Offices Customized to Meet Your Needs

United Partition’s custom in plant modular office solutions are constructed with layouts designed to your requirements. From door and window sizes and locations to the electrical and HVAC systems, your modular office can be customized to include everything you need to run your business successfully. Your affordable in plant modular office can be designed, built, and installed in just weeks.

Once we’ve received your blueprints or design specifications, the United Partition team can help you select the best customizable options for your unique needs. We offer many options to optimize the functionality and style of your inplant modular office.

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Superior Wall Thickness & Factory Pre-Wired UL-Classified Raceways
Every one of our affordable in plant modular office systems include a range of standard features that no other manufacturer can provide. All our modular office solutions feature nominal 4” thick walls that provide superior sound and temperature control, and meet or exceed the nation’s toughest seismic and structural requirements.
Our factory pre-wired UL-classified raceways provide a flush interior surface for electrical outlets and phone/data wiring. With our unique UL-classified Composite Panel System, you get the highest quality modular office system for any indoor or outdoor location.
Professional Modular Office Installations by an Experienced Team
At United Partition Systems, we do NOT subcontract. With decades of experience, our modular office installation crews are extremely knowledgeable and will have your in plant modular office up and running within a few days of arriving on your site. Additionally, our inplant modular offices can also be modified, reconfigured, expanded, or even relocated, providing the versatility to evolve with the needs of your business.

Modular Office Service and Support

With every modular inplant office from United Partition Systems, you will receive comprehensive service and support to ensure that your modular office meets your requirements and expectations. In addition to custom in plant offices, our design and construction specialists can provide a variety of modular offices and modular building options including:

Custom Design and Installation of Inplant Modular Offices

With over 40 years of modular construction experience, United Partition Systems knows how to design the perfect inplant modular office for any application. A modular office from United Partition means high quality design and sturdy construction from a proven industry leader. Check out our engineering and architectural specification to discover more about our customizations.

Contact us to discuss your inplant modular office project, or get a quote for pricing information today. United Partition Systems is your trusted manufacturer of premium, technologically advanced in plant modular offices. Call us at 800-959-0878 today!