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Our modular offices are an affordable alternative to costly, permanent conventional office construction.

Our modular office systems provide high-quality solutions for the commercial and industrial job sectors. Modular office systems have established a proven track record of economic value to its many diversified users. The various industries of America have now realized that the old method of creating In-plant office space, production rooms, modular cleanrooms, and other industrial additions using conventional forms of construction is no longer cost-effective. Lengthy construction timeframes are now a thing of the past. Our prefab office solutions provide the quickest onsite installation times in the industry. In addition, future location changes of In-plant offices, modular buildings, and machine enclosures can take place overnight with prefabricated offices, while also allowing simple modification for new designs and requirements. Whether you are looking to add new modular offices, portable buildingsmezzanine office systems, warehouse mezzanines, roof storage levels, or cleanrooms, United Partition Systems offers the highest quality industrial modular office systems throughout the United States.

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Prefab Inplant Offices

Pre-Fabricated In-Plant Offices

United Partition’s in-plant modular office solutions are constructed with layouts designed to your requirements. From door and window sizes and locations to the electrical and HVAC systems, your modular office can be customized to include everything you need to run your business successfully. Your customized in-plant modular office can be designed, built, and installed in just weeks. Once we’ve received your blueprints or design specifications, the United Partition team can help you select the best custom options for your unique needs. From doors and windows to electrical/data outlet types, we’ll suggest options to optimize the functionality and style of your in-plant modular office.

Modular Offices

Modular Offices

United Partitions pre-fab modular offices provide the most advanced and customizable modular office solutions in the industry. Each modular office project that we take on is individually manufactured to customer requirements. We set industry standards with our high-quality UL Classified 4” wall, capable of meeting the toughest IBC standards. From the most stringent seismic requirements to temperature control and sound deadening, one system can provide it all. Unlike standard drywall construction, modular offices by United maintain a consistent top quality that you can only get from a manufacturing process that has been in place for decades, with our strict guidelines and inspections throughout the process.

Two Story Prefab Offices

Two-Story Prefabricated Offices

If your company needs to utilize the maximum amount of floor space as possible, then a two-story pre-fab modular office solution may be just what you are looking for. Our modular two-story office solutions utilize a concealed structural steel sub-floor for upper support and feature insulated, 4” thick walls that provide exceptional sound and temperature control. We can provide up to 50’ clear spans with no obstructive interior columns, giving you additional space for equipment, offices, break rooms, conference rooms—anything for which you need extra space.

Mezzanine Levels

Modular Mezzanines

Our mezzanine office systems provide maximum use of space by building upward into the unused cubic feet of space above your work area, adding additional square footage without losing your existing floor space. A mezzanine can provide additional space for offices, breakrooms, lunchroomsmodular conference rooms, or can simply be used as an extra space for added storage. Whatever you plan to use your mezzanine for, United Partition can provide the perfect layout for your needs.

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