Modular Conference Rooms

Modular conference rooms can create a comfortable, enclosed environment within your existing facility for meetings and other group gatherings. They are ideal for manufacturing plants and other large industrial facilities where existing office or meeting space is limited. A modular conference room is an easy and dependable alternative to traditional construction, and can be designed, built, and installed in just a few weeks.

These structures are comprised of prefabricated walls, ceiling panels, doors, windows, and other components that are manufactured offsite; the components are then assembled inside the user’s facility. This process is far faster and cleaner than drywall-and-lumber construction and causes far less disruption to daily operations—in many cases, the plant can keep running at full capacity while a modular conference room is being installed. A modular conference room can be freestanding or incorporate one or more of the building’s existing walls.

Interior of Modular Conference Room

The Modular Conference Room Experts

For more than 30 years, United Partition Systems has been providing some of the best, most functional modular office solutions on the market. Our modular office expertise extends to modular conference rooms, which offer all the same features and benefits on a larger scale.

You can expect the same high-quality design, sturdy construction, usability, and ease of installation that our modular office setups provide, in a space big enough to fit your whole team and all the furnishings and equipment you need (tables, chairs, dry erase board, A/V devices, etc.) to conduct important meetings.

Get a quote today to get started on a modular conference room for your facility or give us a call for at 800-959-0878 more information.

Custom Modular Conference Rooms

At United Partition, we have the experience and the expertise to deliver modular conference rooms that are designed and constructed to meet our customers’ unique requirements. And not just the dimensions—you can specify doors, windows, electrical and HVAC system setups, and more. Our modular conference rooms provide everything you need to run your business meetings successfully.

From the design stage through building and installation, the modular conference room you need can be completed in just weeks. Our modular conference rooms are engineered for fast and easy installation, and while many clients choose to install them themselves, our expert crew is always available for onsite installation.

Industry-Best Standard Features

Our custom modular conference rooms are built around an array of standard features that help them stand out from the competition.

  • United Partition’s standard insulated 4” wall system meets or exceeds the toughest structural and seismic standards while providing superior sound management and temperature control.
  • Prewired UL Classified electrical raceways create a flush surface for outlets and phone/data cable installation.
  • Systems are designed for easy expansion and/or relocation.

Custom Options for Your Application

No two clients or applications are alike, so why should every modular office solution be? When it comes to customization, we offer a wide range of options to ensure that our modular conference rooms provide everything our customers need and nothing they don’t. Customizable options include:

Materials & Options for Modular Conference Rooms


United Partition’s 4” insulated walls are built with solid EPS foam cores, which provide excellent insulation as well as a denser and more durable structure than the hollow walls that are common in standard drywall construction. Walls for our modular conference rooms include standard vinyl-clad finishes (with numerous color options—see below) that are easy to clean and maintain.

Aluminum Framing

For added durability and stability, walls are framed with attractive and corrosion resistant T-6 anodized aluminum. This framework will not rust in damp or humid environments like steel does, and unlike similar painted products, anodized aluminum will not peel or chip.

Wall Colors

Select from a range of colors for your wall finish. The interior and exterior of your modular conference room can be different colors at no added cost.

Doors & Windows

Our modular conference rooms include factory-framed, fully integrated doors and windows, positioned in your specified locations. Solid core wood doors are standard, with options available for steel, custom painted, double doors, and oversized glass options. Fixed windows are standard, with options for dual pane glass, laminated glass, and sliding windows; all options feature tempered safety glass.

Contact Us for Complete Modular Conference Room Solutions

From design to construction to installation, United Partition will manage your modular conference room project every step of the way. We have the customized solution you need. Get a quote today or give us a call at 800-959-0878 to discuss your modular conference room requirements.