Modular Warehouse Office

Modular Warehouse Offices

With a modular warehouse office, you have the option of expanding, reconfiguring or relocating to suit your needs as your business grows. Modular office systems also give you the ability to relocate to a new space or city.

A warehouse office from United Partition Systems is a fast and economical way to add much-needed office space for your staff.

Benefits of Modular Warehouse Offices 

Using a modular building from United Partition Systems provides a wide variety of benefits for your warehouse application. We provide advanced quality design and engineering assistance to meet all your requirements.

Our industrial modular buildings are self-contained units, making them easy to install and relocate. They can be manufactured in just weeks and installed on-site in just a few days by your own team or our factory crew.

Our modular offices arrive pre-cut and numbered for installation with an associated CAD drawing assembly guide. Electrical outlets and switches come factory prewired in UL classified raceways to speed up the installation process and get your warehouse staff working in a controlled environment right away. 

Modular warehouse offices by United Partition provide:

  • Easy assembly
  • Heavy-duty, impact-resistant wall panels
  • Flexible design
  • UL Classiifed Composite Panel System

Visit our benefits page for a more complete picture of the advantages of a United Partition modular office or request a quote or for more information.

Modular Warehouse Office with Storage Roof

Custom Warehouse Offices from United Partition Systems

Our modular offices can be fully customized to meet your exact warehouse office needs. Every modular warehouse office is designed to be an efficient way to use your valuable warehouse space, providing a comfortable, safe work environment for your employees.  

Our standard 4” insulated wall system comes with a vinyl-clad ½” gypsum face and solid core doors for added durability in tough warehouse environments. Options for windows, single or double door entrances, HVAC, and upgrades for added sound and temperature control can all be custom tailored for your specific application.

Whether you need a warehouse office for individual use, multiple offices for multiple staff members, or one large bullpen style modular office on the warehouse floor to accommodate the whole team, United Partition Systems can provide a layout that meets your unique needs.

Modular Buildings for Warehouses

United Partition’s warehouse modular offices are available in a range of common sizes, each of which provides enough space for a desk, chair, filing cabinet, and visitor’s chair. Our most popular one-person modular warehouse office units are:

Numerous other sizes are available and they can always be customized to meet your warehouse office needs.  Print one of the standard layout PDFs above, mark it with any desired revisions, and send it our way!  Or give us a call at 800-959-0878 to discuss a custom quote on the warehouse office you need.

Warehouse Offices with Multiple Units

Are you expanding or consolidating your operations and need additional office space in your warehouse for multiple personnel? United Partition can design, manufacture, and install a system with multiple offices for sales staff, warehouse supervisors, shipping and receiving, and one or more conference room areas.

Unlike prefabricated trailer-style units that limit you to specific sizes, we can provide modular office layouts of any size that fit through your warehouse’s roll-up door and also fit your budget!

Modular Warehouse Offices are a Fast and Efficient Solution

A large conference room or bullpen-style office can be added to your warehouse or factory with limited disruption to existing facility operations. Traditional construction creates months of disruption with ongoing activity and debris that can interfere with your day-to-day operations, losses that ultimately increase the actual cost of construction.

What takes months to build from standard framing and drywall can be completed in as little as a few days with our prefabricated modular office system installations. For example, a typical 20’ x 20’ office can be constructed in less than five days. Our fully appointed warehouse office solutions include: 

For warehouse applications with limited floor space, check out our mezzanine office and two-story office options.

Start your Warehouse Office Project Today

With over 40 years of experience with design and installation of modular warehoue offices, United Partition Systems knows how to design the perfect inplant modular office for any application. A modular warehouse office from United Partition means high quality design and sturdy construction from a proven industry leader. 

Request a quote on a modular office for your warehouse space, or contact United Partition for more information or give us a call at 800-959-0878 with your requirements.