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With over three decades of experience, United Partition can design, build, and install modular enclosure solutions for any automated machinery process. Our modular buildings are ideally suited for use as CMM enclosures/CMM rooms, metrology labs, gauge rooms, and calibration/quality control areas.

Similar to a modular cleanroom, a CMM room usually requires precise temperature stability, as control of the expansion and contraction of both the CMM (coordinate measuring machine) and the workpiece are necessary during measurement. Together with HVAC and filtration, the insulated walls and ceilings of our modular CMM enclosure systems provide a contaminant-free environment, allowing for reliable control and stability of temperature and humidity.

One of the primary reasons our clients use our modular CMM enclosures is to demonstrate their quality assurance standards to customers and visitors. Not only does a United Partition CMM enclosure provide a beautiful showpiece around your equipment, it also displays your company’s investment in, and commitment to, quality control. And, because they’re easy to expand, reconfigure, and relocate, our modular CMM enclosures provide flexibility and versatility as your needs change.

A modular CMM room also protects against unauthorized access, contamination, and damage from nearby material handling. Request a quote from United Partition for your custom machine enclosure. 

CMM Room 20x30United Partition’s Modular CMM Room Solutions

We have numerous CMM enclosure options to choose from, including custom systems, depending on the level of environmental protection your process requires. Our modular CMM enclosures install quickly inside your factory and cost only a fraction of conventional construction. They can be built around existing equipment, utilize overhead doors or roof hatches for convenient access to equipment, and feature tall ceiling heights to accommodate all types of equipment. Give us a call at 800-959-0878 with your CMM enclosure requirements.

Our CMM enclosure systems can be engineered and built to match your exact specifications. Access door and window placement, fire protection, HVAC systems, mechanical systems, and more can be incorporated into your setup to give you a custom, modular CMM room that provides everything you need and nothing you don’t. Your CMM enclosure can be designed, built, and installed in just weeks.

UL classified raceways in our composite panel system make it easy to install the electrical, data, and/or phone lines your CMM enclosure needs. Removable cover plates provide convenient access.

All our components are manufactured to precise standards and are labeled and delivered with a complete set of CAD drawings to make onsite installation of your CMM room fast and easy. We offer complete installation services, facilitated by our globetrotting factory crew who work to ensure that our clients are able to enjoy a fully functional, turnkey solution that fits their budget.

Features & Benefits of Our CMM Enclosures

Our modular CMM rooms offer a wide range of benefits including:

  • Stringent temperature control capabilities
  • Oversized doors for equipment
  • UL classified raceways
  • Custom ceiling heights
  • Load bearing roof for maintenance access
  • Non-shedding materials

Read more about the benefits of Modular CMM Enclosures here.

Modular Buildings Service and Support

United Partition Systems provides comprehensive service and support to ensure that your modular CMM room matches your unique specifications. Our CMM enclosures can be supplemented with a range of additional features, as needed. Get a quote today or give United Partition a call at 800-959-0878.

Contact Us for Modular CMM Enclosures & More

United Partition is are here to assist you with modular wall systems of all types, from CMM rooms to modular office solutions to portable buildings. You can also discover more about our CMM enclosures by visiting our controlled environment division, Cleanrooms By UnitedRequest a quote today or contact us for more information.

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