Modular Office Interior with desks set up

Modular Office Construction

From Design to Installation

Rejuvenating and repurposing your space can be fast, simple, and efficient with custom modular offices. With 40 years of experience in engineering and design for modular office installation and construction, United Partition is an industry leader in custom modular office systems. Discover our design and modular office installation process, offering crucial benefits to various industrial and commercial operations.

Modular Office Design & Installation Process

Offering high-quality modular office solutions, United Partition manufactures turn-key office constructions for many purposes. From offices and breakrooms to specialty-controlled environments and cleanroom systems, modular office installation and design can solve several warehouse and manufacturing plant spatial challenges. Our modular office solutions can be customized to meet your individual needs with offices engineered by experienced designers. Our detailed design and construction process is as follows:

  1. The engineering process begins with determining the custom modular office design needs. When you contact us with your specifications or a general idea of size and requirements, we work with you to create a modular office solution using our technical specifications, which are also viewable in PDF form. There is a range of modular design options to choose from that are outfitted to meet your needs, including in-plant solutions, interior offices, conference rooms, breakrooms, lunchrooms, locker rooms, shipping and receiving offices, warehouse mezzanines, and more.
  2. Once your specifications and office needs are assessed and delivered to our designers, which includes modular office customization options, United Partition reviews your modular office design requirements. Our team of knowledgeable engineers can offer design assistance to ensure your office contains all the necessities for your operation.
  3. Using your modifications and office specifications, our engineers create a detailed CAD drawing of your modular solution. To guarantee the integrity of your modular office, United Partition works with you for permission and compliance with local construction and building codes.
  4. When we receive approval for your custom modular office, manufacturing begins at our Southern California location. Your office is then shipped to you, where a trained modular office installation team can be made available to construct your modular office system.

Modular offices are a custom solution for your warehouse or manufacturing plant needs. With solutions from United Partition, modular office construction and installation are cost-effective and versatile to meet the needs of your operation.

Two Story Modular Office with Outer Stairs and guardrailsModular Office Construction & Engineering Benefits

Choosing a modular solution provides construction and installation benefits over traditional office construction. Modular offices are efficient, economical, and adaptable. A prefabricated solution, modular offices can minimize or eliminate disruptions caused by conventional construction methods. With expert office installation teams available to assist you, your modular solution can be deployed with fast turnarounds to address your challenges quickly. Modular offices are also exceptionally flexible and can be reconfigured to meet your needs as they change.

In addition, modular office construction has a smoother permitting process, requiring fewer building permits to achieve compliance with local building codes. Design and installation of modular solutions include considerable cost savings compared to traditional construction, reducing labor and construction costs significantly. United Partition is a leading manufacturer of modular offices and solutions.

Contact United Partition to Get Started on Your Custom Modular Office Design

At United Partition, we have been engineering and constructing modular office solutions for 40 years. Using our proprietary modular design process, we can manufacture prefabricated modular office constructions that meet your requirements. Your modular solutions can be customized to address the needs of your operation with outfits for HVAC, fire suppression, and wall and flooring options to create an office design perfect for your job site.

Contact us for more information on modular office construction and engineering, or request a quote for your modular office solution today.