Two-Story Modular Offices

Every business understands that warehouse and factory floor space is extremely valuable. Two-story pre-engineered mezzanines add useful space to your work environment without taking up precious square footage within your structure. Within factories and warehouse, two story pre-fabricated mezzanine offices make use of vertical space within your facility that would otherwise be unusable.

Industrial free standing two story mezzanines from United Partition Systems adds usable space to your facility without having to build additional structures on adjoining lands. United Partition Systems has the knowledge and resources to provide modular two story buildings that deliver space for modular offices, modular lunch/break rooms, conference rooms, or added storage.

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Pre-Fabricated Two Story Mezzanine Applications

Our modular 2 story office solutions utilize a concealed structural steel sub-floor for upper support and feature insulated, 4” thick walls that provide exceptional sound and temperature control. We can provide up to 50’ clear spans with no obstructive interior columns for the following applications:

Modular Two Story Office Building Advantages

At United Partition, we provide the most advanced and customizable modular office solutions in the industry. Each modular office building project that we take on is manufactured to exact customer specification requirements. Our professional experts will build your modular two story mezzanine in a matter of days, without disruption to your everyday workflow. Additional benefits that an industrial two story pre-fabricated mezzanine provides includes:

  • Valuable vertical floor space
  • Precision Engineered flexibility & versatility
  • Easily installed with minimal disruption
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to expand and/or relocate

Read more about the benefits of Two Story Mezzanine Office Structures here.

Fully Customized Free Standing Two Story Mezzanines

At United Partition Systems, our two story mezzanine wall systems are built using 4” thick, insulated panels to provide the most prolific sound and temperature control options available. Our custom warehouse work platform solutions provide factory pre-wired, UL-classified raceways that offer a flush interior surface for electrical outlets and phone and data ports. We can also fully customize your industrial 2 story modular office based on your exact specifications.

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