Mezzanine Office with overhead walkway

Mezzanine Office Systems

A mezzanine is an intermediate floor in a building, which does not extend over the entire floor space and is (usually) partially open to the floor below. In an industrial facility with a high ceiling, a mezzanine is an excellent way to make use of overhead cubic footage by adding an additional usable level. A mezzanine can provide additional space for offices, breakrooms, lunchrooms, and conference rooms, or can simply be used as a storage mezzanine.

Compared to other types of construction, adding a mezzanine to an existing building is a relatively simple task, given the building has a proper ceiling height.  With the right design, a mezzanine can nearly double the usable floor space in a building, or can be added over only select areas, as needed.

Contact us more more information regarding our free standing industrial mezzanine structures, or call us at 800-959-0878 and we will gladly discuss your exact project specifications and available options. United Partition Systems is your trusted source for modular mezzanine office systems.

Warehouse Mezzanines to Fit Your Space & Your Needs

United Partition’s mezzanines are an effective solution for expanding usable floor space without the need for extensive construction or costly delays. Our mezzanines provide maximum use of space by building upward into the unused cubic feet of space above your work area, adding additional square footage without losing your existing floor space.

For over 40 years, we have been designing, building, and installing mezzanines built to match our customers’ unique specifications. By installing a mezzanine—or multiple mezzanines, space permitting—you can transform unusable overhead space into useful work and/or storage areas. We will work with you to develop a mezzanine solution that complements your facility’s existing structure and layout, and that complies with all applicable building codes.

Whatever you plan to use your mezzanine for, United Partition can provide the perfect layout for your needs. Give us a call at 800-959-0878 to get a quote on a custom mezzanine for your workspace or contact us for more information.

Mezzanine Options for Every Application

Depending on your needs, we can provide mezzanine design considerations for storage, office loads, or equipment point loads. Clearance heights can be modified to fit over existing offices and/or equipment, and to provide ample workspace area underneath. Deck options range from T&G wood to steel plate to concrete. A variety of stair and lift systems are available to meet OSHA, IBC, and local code requirements.

United Partition has built mezzanines for nearly every industry and application. We can build custom mezzanines to fit any setup you can imagine. Our complete mezzanine installations include safety rails, gates, stairs and landing platforms, and kick plates, along with any other important features you may require.

United Partition takes pride in exceeding customer expectations. Based on your unique specifications, we will deliver a sturdy, reliable mezzanine system that will span the life of your building.

Benefits of Installing Warehouse Mezzanines

United Partition’s mezzanines offer numerous benefits that make them a smart solution for increasing your available floor space. Your company doesn’t have to expand horizontally when you can expand vertically without losing valuable floor space.

Our mezzanines can significantly increase warehouse capacity at a far lower cost than new construction or relocation. Adding a second level—or even a third, if overhead space allows—can provide double the usable space (or more). Additional mezzanine benefits include:

  • Valuable vertical floor space
  • Precision Engineered flexibility & versatility
  • Easily installed with minimal disruption
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to expand and/or relocate
  • More benefits of installing mezzanines

Warehouse Mezzanine Applications

United Partition has provided mezzanine systems for countless applications for the last 40+ years we've been in business. Some of the more common uses for mezzanines include:

Two Story Industrial Mezzanines

Industrial free standing two story mezzanines from United Partition Systems adds two levels of functional space to your facility without having to build additional structures on or around company land. United Partition Systems has the knowledge and resources to provide modular two story mezzanine structures that deliver additional space for offices, breakrooms, conference rooms, or mezzanine storage.

Mezzanine Offices

We also provide complete, custom designed mezzanine offices. Like our mezzanines and custom modular office solutions, our mezzanine offices are built to meet your size and layout requirements. Engineered for fast and easy installation, our modular mezzanine offices turn unusable overhead space into fully functional workspaces.

Contact Us for the Mezzanine Solution You Need

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