Modular Lunch Room & Modular Break Room

Prefabricated Modular Breakrooms

Modular breakrooms provide a safe and comfortable environment for employees to unwind and relax away from the noise and general hazardousness of industrial worksites. United Partition Systems manufactures prefabricated break room solutions that feature high quality designs, sturdy construction, and usability, available for installation in as little as a week. Custom-built to unique specifications and offering various customizable options, modular breakrooms are ideal factory and warehouse solutions that increase workplace morale without the downtime required for traditional construction.

Features of Industrial Modular Break Rooms

Modular office systems, including modular breakrooms, offer prefabricated solutions to industrial worksites. Designed and engineered modular office solutions for industrial worksites feature necessary components to provide safety and comfort for employees and other benefits. Modular break room solutions come outfitted with the following:

  • Walls that exceed structural and seismic standards and provide sound control.
  • UL-Classified raceways with flush surfaces for outlets and cable installations; outlets offer capacities for microwave ovens, refrigerators, and vending machines.
  • Systems are flexible; easily relocated or expanded.
  • Installations can be completed in as little as a few days.

United Partition Systems manufactures modular industrial solutions for many applications, including modular lunchrooms, modular conference rooms, and modular locker room options. 

Custom Modular Break Room Options

Industrial modular break rooms from United Partition can be engineered to fit any specifications. We offer various customizable options that make it easy for our customers to configure the perfect, prefabricated modular solution for their facilities. Available customizations include:

Benefits of Warehouse Modular Breakrooms

custom built modular breakroom in warehouse

Adding a modular breakroom to your industrial warehouse or factory benefits your workforce and efficiency. Modular break rooms offer safe, climate-, and sound-controlled areas in industrial work sites. A prefabricated modular solution provides an area for staff to unwind, increasing wellness and workplace morale, and contributing to efficiency. United Partition industrial modular breakrooms can be outfitted with vending machines, tables, chairs, refrigerators, and televisions to improve scheduled break times.

Designed to meet specifications, modular breakrooms can be freestanding or incorporated with a pre-existing wall, making them quick and easy to install and eliminating unnecessary downtime caused by traditional construction.

Prefabricated Modular Office Installations by an Experienced Team

At United Partition, we do not subcontract. Our decades of experience ensure timely modular installation from a highly knowledgeable crew to have your modular solution up and running within a few days of arrival. Additionally, our in-plant modular offices can be modified, reconfigured, expanded, and relocated. Modular office installations offer versatile solutions to evolve with the needs of your business.

Want to Get Started on Your Modular Factory Break Room?

United Partition has over 40 years of modular office design and construction experience and knows how to design the perfect in-plant modular office for any application. Installing a modular office from United Partition means high quality design and sturdy construction from a proven industry leader. Check out our engineering and architectural specifications to learn more about our customizations.

Contact us to discuss your industrial modular office project, or get a quote for pricing information today. United Partition Systems is your trusted manufacturer of premium, technologically advanced factory modular offices. Call us at 800-959-0878 today!