Shipping & Receiving Warehouse Office

Shipping and Receiving Offices

If your business regularly sends out or takes in packages that aren’t just the usual USPS mail items, you likely need a dedicated shipping and receiving department (or at least a dedicated staff member) to keep track of it all. Unfortunately, not every facility was built with a shipping office in its floorplan. It is for these reasons that United Partition offers a range of modular prefabricated shipping offices and receiving offices to fit any workspace.

With over 40 years of experience designing, building, and installing modular shipping offices and related modular offices, we can create fully customizable shipping area offices and receiving offices that meets your unique requirements. Like all our products, our modular shipping office solutions feature high quality pre-fab designs, sturdy construction, superb usability, and unrivaled ease of installation.

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Warehouse Office for Shipping and Receiving

Warehouse Mailrooms Designed to Your Specifications 

There are no “standard” products in our industry; all our modular pre-fab shipping offices and receiving offices are designed and constructed to match our customers’ unique requirements. With United Partition’s fully customizable prefabricated shipping area offices and receiving offices, we can provide more than just your preferred dimensions. United Partitions provides you the ability to make your shipping area office fully customizable by giving you the options to specify the doors, windows, electrical, HVAC setups, and more.

United Partitions modular offices for shipping and receiving offices provide space for employees, packaging, paperwork, supplies and materials. We custom arrange these options to your unique specifications, your custom modular pre-fab shipping office will give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

From design to installation, our prefabricated shipping office solutions can be completed in just a few weeks. Our modular shipping offices and receiving offices are specially engineered for easy installation. Some choose to install the shipping area offices themselves, while others rely on our expert factory crew for onsite installation. Either way, you’ll eliminate the costly delays and distractions of traditional construction.

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Standard Features on our Warehouse Mailrooms

United Partition’s modular shipping offices and receiving offices stand head and shoulders above the competition thanks to a variety of unique standard features and benefits, some of which include:

  • United Partition’s standard insulated 4” wall system meets or exceeds the toughest structural and seismic standards while providing superior sound management and temperature control.
  • Prewired UL Classified electrical raceways create a flush surface for outlets and phone/data cable installation.
  • Sliding windows with counters for facilitating transactions
  • Modular Office systems are designed for easy expansion and/or relocation.

Read more about the benefits of a Modular Office for your Shipping and Receiving Needs here.

Customize Your Shipping and Receiving Office

Every building and application has its own distinct requirements, so why use a shipping office built to “standard” specifications? United Partitions offers fully customizable shipping offices and receiving offices to meet the needs of your pre-fab project requirement needs. Some of the options that we offer, include:

Cleanroom Packaging Room

Mailroom Design Options

  • Walls – With solid EPS foam cores, our 4”, insulated wall system for our prefabricated shipping offices and receiving offices provide outstanding insulation and are denser and more durable than industry-standard hollow walls. Our shipping office walls feature standard vinyl-clad finishes (available in a range of colors—see below) that are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Aluminum Frames – All our modular shipping office walls are framed with attractive, corrosion-resistant T-6 anodized aluminum. These provide even greater stability and durability, without the worry of rust in humid or damp environments like steel does. In addition, anodized aluminum frames for pre-fab shipping offices and receiving offices do not chip or peel like similar painted products.
  • Colors –full spectrum of colors are available for the interior and exterior walls of your modular shipping office at no extra charge.
  • Windows & Doors – All windows and doors in our modular shipping offices and receiving offices are factory-framed and fully-integrated into the wall panels. Positioning is based on your specification. Fixed windows are standard. Dual pane glass, laminated glass, and sliding windows are available. All options feature tempered safety glass. Solid core wood doors are standard; steel, custom painted, and double entry doors are available upon request.

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With 40+ years of modular design and construction experience, United Partition Systems knows how to design the perfect inplant modular office for any application. Discover how a modular office from United Partition means high quality design and sturdy construction from a proven industry leader. 

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