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Guard Houses

Does your security team get left out in the cold? That’s no way for them to work! Help these important personnel stay warm, dry, and safe with prefab portable guard houses from United Partition Systems. We have the ideal guardhouse solution for nearly any security application, tailored to your specific needs.

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The Modular Guard House Experts

We have been designing, manufacturing, and installing modular offices, buildings and structures for over 40 years. A United Partition guard house is a quick yet durable way to accommodate outdoor security staff or additional workforce. These highly functional structures provide climate controlled workspaces that will help your personnel work more efficiently and keep sensitive equipment safe from the elements.

Our guard houses are a cost-effective alternative to conventional construction. We will manufacture and deliver them on your schedule, and onsite installation is quick and easy, for minimal disruption of your day-to-day operations. And, although they are “prefabricated,” our guard shacks are just as sturdy and dependable as any “traditionally” built structure of similar design. Really, the only differences are the cost and construction time!

Every United Partition guardhouse is built tough to provide safe and comfortable shelter against snow, hot summer temperatures, and other harsh weather conditions. Many of our competitors’ guard shacks are constructed with hollow metal walls or 2” thick wood-faced panels, and low quality wood doors. Our guard house models feature 4” thick, metal-clad, solid insulated wall panels, steel doors, dual pane insulated windows, and an insulated roof system.

We offer guard shacks in a range of standard sizes and styles. We can also create a custom-sized or configured guard house to match your specifications. A number of other customizable features and options are available to ensure that your United Partition guardhouse meets your exact requirements.

United Partition guard shacks can be delivered fully wired, assembled, and ready for use right off the truck, with forklift-ready bases that make them easy to unload and move into position for easy installation. We also offer knock down kits for on-site assembly on a concrete slab or, with optional crane-lift features, installation on an elevated tower.

Prefab Portable Guard House Features

United Partition’s portable guard shacks and field offices deliver everything you need in a guard house. Our guard house solutions are suitable for government complexes, industrial facilities, airports, power plants, military bases, or any other location that requires perimeter security. Our guard shacks can include:

  • 360-degree visibility
  • 4” insulated walls
  • Dual pane insulated glass
  • Durable metal-clad exterior
  • Interior work counter
  • Complete electrical wiring
  • Exterior lighting
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Tinted glass
  • Standard and customized sizes and configurations available
  • An array of available exterior colors to enhance the look of your facility
  • Available fully assembled or in easy-to-assemble knock down kits
  • Crane-lift capabilities for installation on towers or other raised platforms
  • and more
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