Two Story office system with 4 offices

Two Story Office

A two-story modular office building is a perfect solution for production plants, warehouses, and other industrial facilities where more office space is needed but square footage is limited and building outward isn’t an option. A two-story modular office takes advantage of unused overhead space by stacking two office modules on top of each other.

Comprised of prefabricated components—walls, ceiling panels, doors, windows, etc.—that are manufactured elsewhere and installed onsite, two story modular offices are a fast and inexpensive alternative to traditional construction. Though built with lightweight materials and designed for easy assembly, modular two-story offices are engineered to be safe and stable, with ample support structures that allow the upper level to be fully equipped with office equipment and furniture. Their modular components allow them to be configured as needed, and each level can be divided into multiple individual offices or rooms.

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Save Space with a Two Story Modular Office

If a lack of available floor space is a problem at your facility, United Partition has a fast and easy solution to double your usable space: build upward with a two-story office! Our modular two-story offices give you a clear view of adjacent areas in your plant or warehouse, along with additional room below for more offices, storage areas, or production work space.

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Two Story Offices from the Modular Office Experts

United Partition Systems has over 40 years of experience in modular office design, manufacturing, and installation. If your application requires maximum utilization of floor space, our modular two-story offices are the perfect solution. We deliver superior quality products that include everything you need to run your business successfully.

Our modular two-story office solutions utilize a concealed structural steel sub-floor for upper support and feature insulated, 4” thick walls that provide exceptional sound and temperature control. We can provide up to 55’ clear spans with no obstructive interior columns, giving you additional space for equipment, modular offices, modular lunch/break rooms, conference rooms— anything for which you need extra space!

All our two-story office systems are Class A fire rated, comply with OSHA regulations, and meet or exceed the nations’ strictest seismic and structural requirements. Factory pre-wired, UL-classified raceways provide a flush interior surface for electrical, phone, and data connections.

Second level added to existing modular officeModular Offices are Easy to Install, Expand & Upgrade

We engineer our two-story offices for easy installation in any facility, with minimal interruption of day-to-day operations. Many of our clients choose to install their modular offices themselves; we also have factory installation crews available. Either way, installing a United Partition modular two-story office is faster and less expensive than standard construction.

Our modular offices can be modified, reconfigured, expanded, or relocated (space permitting), giving you versatility that traditional construction can’t provide. Example shows a second story added to an exisiting modular office office previously installed by United Partition.


Features & Benefits of Two-Story Modular Offices

  • Provide additional square footage
  • 4” insulated wall system
  • Class A fire rated
  • Pre-wired, UL-classified raceways for electrical/phone/data
  • Meet seismic requirements
  • Sound and temperature control
  • Fast installation (factory crew installation is available)
  • Easy to expand, reconfigure, or relocate

Modular Office Service & Support

United Partition Systems offers comprehensive services and support to ensure that your two story office meets your requirements. Our modular office systems can be supplemented with fire protection and HVAC systems, mechanical systems solutions, custom designs and engineering, and full-service installation.

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Modular two-story offices from United Partition are a high quality, cost-effective alternative to permanent construction. Give us a call at 800-959-0878, request a quote today or contact us to learn more about our modular office solutions.