Modular Lunch Rooms & Modular Break Rooms

A modular lunch room or modular break room is a great way to provide a comfortable space for employees to take a break during the busy workday. Comprised of individual components (walls, ceiling panels, doors, windows, etc.) that are prefabricated offsite, a modular break room/lunch room can be assembled and installed at your facility in as little as a week.

Thanks to their modular designs, these lunch room/break room solutions can be expanded, reconfigured, or relocated, as your needs change, allowing you to make the best use of your available floor space. Modular break rooms can be freestanding or designed to incorporate one or more of a building’s preexisting walls.

Modular Lunch Room & Modular Break Room

The Experts in Modular Lunch Rooms & Break Rooms

United Partition has been delivering modular workspace solutions for over three decades, and we put that experience and expertise into every one of our modular break rooms and modular lunch rooms. Our structures feature high quality designs and engineering, sturdy construction, and outstanding usability with superior ease of installation. Give us a call at 800-959-0878 with your project requirements or get a quote today to get started.

Custom Modular Break Rooms

The United Partition team will work with you to create a custom modular break room that meets your unique specifications. We will design and construct a solution that gives ample room for employees to enjoy their downtime, as well as space for a refrigerator, microwave, water cooler, tables, chairs, a karaoke machine—anything your break room needs! Specify dimensions, the quantity and placement of windows, your HVAC and electrical requirements, and any other details you desire for your custom modular break room or lunch room.

From the design phase to final installation, our modular break rooms and lunch rooms can be completed in just weeks. Engineered for fast, easy installation, they save time and construction costs compared to traditional drywall construction. Some clients choose to install United Partition break rooms and lunch rooms themselves, but our expert factory crew is always available for onsite installation. Give us a call at 800-959-0878 to learn more.

Innovative Standard Features

While we don’t offer “standard” or “off the shelf” products, our modular break rooms and lunch rooms are built around an assortment of standard features that make them the best value on the market.

  • United Partition’s standard insulated 4” wall system meets or exceeds the toughest structural and seismic standards while providing superior sound management and temperature control.
  • Prewired UL Classified electrical raceways create a flush surface for outlets and phone/data cable installation.
  • Dedicated power outlets for microwave ovens, refrigerators, and vending machines
  • Systems are designed for easy expansion and/or relocation.

Custom Options to Meet Your Needs

No one knows your workspace and your staff’s needs better than you, so why install a modular break room built to someone else’s specifications? At United Partition, we offer a variety of customizable options that make it easy for our customers to put together the perfect break rooms for their facility. Customizable options include:

Materials & Options for Modular Break Rooms


Built with solid EPS foam cores, our 4” insulated walls are denser and more durable than the hollow walls many of our competitors use. They also provide outstanding insulation for both sound and climate control. All wall panels include standard vinyl-clad finishes (with a variety of color options—see below) that are easy to clean and maintain.

Aluminum Framing

To give our modular lunch rooms and break rooms even greater stability and durability, we frame all our wall panels in attractive and corrosion resistant T-6 anodized aluminum. Anodized aluminum will not rust, peel, or chip like painted steel does, even in damp or humid work environments.


Select from a range of colors for your wall finish. The interior and exterior walls of your modular break room can be different colors at no added cost!

Doors & Windows

Factory-framed, full-integrated doors and windows are included with all our modular break rooms and lunch rooms, and are positioned to your specifications. Standard doors are solid wood core; steel, custom painted, and double door options are available. Fixed windows are standard; dual pane glass, laminated glass, and sliding window options are available. All window options feature tempered safety glass.

Contact Us for Complete Modular Lunch Room & Break Room Solutions

We are the proven experts in modular workspace solutions. We will work with you to create the perfect custom modular break room or modular lunch room for your unique needs. Give us a call at 800-959-0878 to get started or get a quote today.