Modular Cleanrooms

Prefabricated Modular Cleanrooms

Modular prefabricated cleanrooms consist of a controlled environment that has low levels of pollutants such as aerosol particles, airborne microbes, dust, and chemical vapors. Pre-fab cleanroom systems are built specifically to maintain a controlled level of contamination that is specified by the number of particles per cubic meter at a specified particle size. Furthermore, modular cleanrooms provide a contained space where provisions are made to reduce particulate contamination and control other environmental parameters, such as:

Pre-fab Modular Cleanrooms

  • Temperature
  • Differential pressure (positive or negative)
  • Humidity
  • Noise

In addition, the key component to a cleanroom systems success is the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter that is used to trap particles that are 0.3 micron and larger in size. All the air delivered to a cleanroom passes through HEPA filters, and in some cases where stringent cleanliness performance is necessary, Ultra Low Particulate Air (ULPA) filters are used.

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Modular Pre-Fab Cleanroom Design Benefits

Cleanrooms By United manufactures our prefabricated cleanrooms. All ofur modular cleanrooms are designed to be fully customizable. These state-of-the-art pre-fab cleanroom systems are quick to install and easy to maintain and are suitable for numerous applications. Some of the premium benefits that our modular cleanrooms provide, include:

Modular Cleanrooms | Prefabricated Cleanrooms | Pre-Fab Cleanrooms

Advanced Performance

Our prefabricated cleanrooms can be fitted with HEPA filters, which efficiently remove tiny particles from the air to keep your work contaminate free. The highly flexible nature of our cleanroom systems means that you can choose to customize yours with additional accessories to keep the environment as tightly controlled as your needs require. Whether you need to comply with ISO, FDA, cGMP or EU standards, there is a modular cleanroom design that is suitable for your needs.

Speedy Construction Process

Our pre-fab ISO classified cleanrooms are constructed from a sturdy frame and pre-fabricated panels. This means that our modular cleanrooms take days or hours to set up, rather than the months that are often required for a traditional structure. That means your team can begin using the new facility as soon as possible, which reduces annoying delays. Additionally, because so much of the construction takes place off-site, the amount of disturbance occurring in your workplace is minimized.

Modular Cleanrooms | Prefabricated Cleanrooms | Pre-Fab Cleanrooms

Limited Maintenance

The limited maintenance aspect of our Modular cleanrooms provides an added advantage over conventional (stick built) cleanroom structures. Since they are easy to maintain single pieces of the customizable cleanroom can be replaced when needed instead of the entire structure.

Low Functioning Costs

Our unique, fully customizable, cleanroom designs make them very inexpensive to run. Our unique modular Cleanroom construction process often requires less outdoor air for temperature and humidity control, therefore reducing the energy cost of keeping the clean room environment stable.

Environmentally Conscious Green Construction

Our ISO class certified pre-fab cleanroom systems provide green construction methods by using recycled materials during construction. This is a step that helps to protect the earth’s natural resources and cuts down on landfill waste.

Modular Cleanroom Applications

Modular Cleanrooms

Prefabricated cleanrooms are used regularly in a wide range of industries. Some of which, include:

  • Medical Device
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor
  • Food & Beverage
  • Defense & Military
  • Automotive
  • Cultivation
  • And many more

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Modular Cleanroom ISO Class Standards

Our modular cleanrooms serve individual ISO classification standards depending on your needs. The doors and windows are pre-hung for quick and easy installation. For improved look and performance our return air cutouts are framed in aluminum extrusions, and all our electrical is concealed inside UL listed wall post cavities for outlets, light switches, conduits, etc.

We can provide you with a cost-effective system that meets your requirements. All modular cleanrooms are designed in accordance with the appropriate clean room standard ISO 14644-1 / US Fed Std 209E as part of the overall clean room design service. Our cleanrooms are factory engineered and designed to meet all your specifications for temperature, humidity, differential pressure, lighting, and noise levels and can be designed and engineered to accommodate roof loads for storage or mechanical and process equipment and permitting is available in all 50 states.

Additionally, the pre-fabricated panelized wall systems allow rooms to be modified, expanded or relocated with minimal expense or down-time and is almost 100% reusable.

Commitment to our Customers

We believe the key to our success has been our ability, and willingness, to adapt to new industry trends. We have responded to our customers by introducing “custom solutions” to address these developing trends in the modular and prefabricated construction industry. With the industry’s most extensive line of modular systems, Cleanrooms by United offers a quality solution for every need. The unmatched array of interchangeable panel and construction choices along with standard options, gives our customers a complete building system which can control the design and layout to maximize space.
Modular Pre-Fab Cleanroom

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