Two Story Offices

  • Two Story Modular Building 7,400 sq ft
  • Two Story Modular Building 16'x36'
  • Tall-Wall-Enclosure
  • Two Story Modular Building 14'x24'
  • Two Story Modular Building 16'x24'
  • Two Story Modular Building Test-Room
  • two story modular building 10,000-Sq-Ft-production-addition
  • Two Story Modular building

Is available floor space a problem? Build Up with a Modular Two Story office and double your usable space in the warehouse while also gaining the benefit of a Modular Office up on a second level, providing a clear view of the warehouse floor.  Additional usable space can provide room below for more offices, storage areas, and production work space.

For applications requiring maximum utilization of floor space, United Partition Two Story Modular Offices can be designed without obtrusive interior columns.  United’s load bearing 4″ wall system can provide additional space above for offices, break rooms, equipment platforms, and storage area.

Modular Two Story Office Features

  • Complete Modular Design
  • Onsite construction time typically less than half of standard stick built construction
  • Most systems can be done without addition of concrete footings
  • Installation Options that can include electrical, sprinklers & HVAC
  • Design and Engineering to meet local building code requirements
  • Relocatable: take your investment with you when relocating to another facility

Please review other sections of our website to learn more about In-plant modular offices and Mezzanines for multi-level designs along with the multiple services we offer.  Or call today and discuss your project with one of our modular construction specialists.

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