Two Story Offices

  • 7,400-sq-ft-Two-Story
  • 20'x20'-Two-Story
  • 20'x36'-Two-Story
  • Electrical-&-Fire-panels
  • Material-Lift-for-Mezzanine

Is available floor space a problem? Build Up with a modular two story office! A second level floor has a clear view of adjacent areas, with room below for additional work space.

For applications requiring maximum utilization of floor space, two-story modular offices utilize a concealed structural steel sub-floor for upper support.

United’s load bearing 4″ wall system can provide up to 55′ clear spans (no obstructive interior columns), which means additional space for equipment, offices break rooms and conference rooms.

Modular Two Story Office Features

All two story office systems comply with OSHA and seismic requirements.

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