• Storage-Platform
  • Mezzanine-Office
  • 14'x45'-Office-on-Mezzanine
  • Ext-Tower-Office
  • 3Level
  • Custom-Design-mezzanine-with-recessed-baseplates
  • Storage-Mezzanine

Mezzanine applications are useful when maximum use of space is desired, building up into unused cubic area providing additional square footage without losing existing floor area. United Partition designs and installs mezzanines specific to customer need while complementing existing conditions and complying with local code requirements. Mezzanine systems can provide additional space for offices, breakrooms, and conference rooms, or simply open area for added storage.

Prefab Mezzanine Options

Design considerations for storage, office loads, or equipment point loads with deck options from T&G wood to steel plate and concrete systems. Clearance heights available to install over existing offices and equipment, or to provide ample area for working below. Stair and lift systems available to meet OSHA, IBC, and local code requirements. Contact United Partition today to get assistance with your next project.

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